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Terms Of Use



The terms "we", "us", "our", are in reference to Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC.

The term "you", refers to anyone accessing Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC's website.

Welcome to Claudie's Hair Revitalizer's, LLC's website. By accessing Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC's website you represent that you are 18 years or older, or if a minor you are visiting our website under the supervision of a parent or guardian.  Subject to the Terms Of Use, Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC grant all users who access our website a limited non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access, view, and purchase.  You are subject to the guidelines, rules, Terms Of Use.  You may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, transfer contents from Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC's website without the express written permission of Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC.  Which may be withheld at our sole discretion.  Any breach of The Terms Of Use Agreement shall result in the immediate revocation of the license granted to you without notice.

All contents on this website are owned by Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC, and are protected by Copyright Laws in the United States. Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC is the sole owner of trademarks, logos, names of products, brand name, formulations, photographs. They must not be reproduced, modified, disseminated, copied, and they are subject to Copyright Laws in the United States and International Protocol.  You may not use any information provided on this website for commercial purposes, or use any content on this site for the benefit of another business or for personal use.  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC without prior notice; will take legal actions in the State Of Ohio against anyone, including ALL vendors who fail to adhere to these rules.    

At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and cancel an order without an explanation.  Including without limitation; if we believe that conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to our interests.

Contents on this website are solely for information purposes. You are responsible to consult with a qualified health care specialist for diagnosis/diagnoses, advice, and/or treatment for any medical condition.  Some people are sensitive to some ingredients known and unknow. Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC strongly advise; prior to using our products to do a 24 hour skin patch test.  If there is no reaction proceed with using the product/products.  If any reaction do not use the product/products.  Consult with a Licensed Physician or a health care professional. We use herbs and essential oils in our products. If you are Pregnant, Epileptic, Hypertension, Diabetic, Cancer, Lupus, or any other serious medical conditions consult your Physician prior to using our products.

You may assign yourself a password and account identification, to enable you to access and use certain portions of this website. Each time you use a password or identification; you will be deemed to be authorized to access and use Claudie's Hair Revitalizer LLC's website in a manner that is consistent with the Terms Of Use.  We are not liable or obligated to investigate the source or authorization of the use or access of our website.  You are solely responsible for all access to and use of this website, by anyone using the password and identification assigned to you.  Whether or not the access and use of this website is/was authorized by you.  Including without limitations all transmissions and communications.  You are solely responsible for protecting any password assigned to you.  You shall notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password, identification, any other breach or threatened breach of this website's security.

Linking To Our Website:  You may not create a link to any page on our website, without our prior written authorization. Anyone found linking to this website without written authorization from Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC, will be reported to law enforcement and will be prosecuted.

Exclusions and Limitations:  The information on this website is provided on an "as is" basis. We make no representation or warranty that the information on our website is accurate, complete, up to date.  We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by information on this website.  Neither do we accept liability, for any information which may be provided by any affiliate, or any other third party.

In no event Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC's contractors, respective employees are liable for any damages.  Including without limitation incidental, indirect, errors, omissions, arising with any party's use of this website.  In connection with any failure of performance, interruption, transmission delays, loss of data, computer virus, known or unknown, or loss of use relating to this website.

Links to other websites:  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC at our sole discretion may link to third party websites.  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC has no control over those websites or contents.  Therefore, Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC is not responsible and shall be held harmless.

Governing Law:  These terms of conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the State Of Ohio. Without regard to the conflict of laws and the laws of the United States.

Modification:  Claudie's Hair Revitaizer, LLC may make modifications, alterations, changes to the contents of this website.  Including these Terms And Conditions without prior notice.  You are bound by any revisions.  Therefore, anyone accessing this website; is responsible for reviewing these Terms And Conditions each time you access Claudie's Hair Revitalizer's, LLC's website.  

Availability Of Our Website:  We are committed to providing you with excellent service, by making our website available at all times.  We cannot guarantee that our website will operate without interruption or to be error free.

Abuse:  Do not attempt to interfere with the proper workings of our website.  You must not attempt to tamper with, circumvent security, hack into our website, disrupt any computer system, server, router.  Use spider, robot, or any other device. Do not use any automatic device, or manual process to copy or monitor the contents contained herein.  

We will report to law enforcement, take legal actions against anyone who access this website for the sole purposes to.

1)  Violate the Terms Of Use.

2)  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC provide a website; for our customers and visitors with good intent.  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC will report to law enforcement, and take legal actions against anyone who continue to disrupt our business by any method.  ALL Prank phone calls and e-mails and is not limited to www:// will be reported to law enforcement.


Privacy Policies

Privacy issues are of utmost importance to us at Claudie’s Hair Revitalizer, LLC.  We will never share your name,e-mail, phone number, or address with anyone.  Your e-mail address and/or phone number are used for communicating about your order.  We will however send promotional e-mails to customers; meaning information about special sales, and introduction to new products.  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC will not sell, disclose, or rent your information to anyone.  If at anytime you wish to opt out, of receiving e-mails from Claudie’s Hair Revitalizer, LLC.  Please send an e-mail to


Website Security

Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC provides you with a secure online experience.  We opted not to utilize a shared SSL, and we purchased our own SSL.  All data transmitted are encrypted, by utilizing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Secure Socket Layer are cryptographic protocols, that provides secure communication protocols over the Internet. 

With your permission our website may set a cookie on your computer.  Cookies are small packets of information that can be stored on computers.  Cookies allows Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, LLC's website, to read cookies placed on your computer each time you visit our website.  We may use cookies in several ways.  To save your password, so that you would not have to enter your password each time you visit our website.  To deliver contents specific to your needs.


Pictures And Testimonials

Pictures and testimonials submitted to Claudie's Hair Revitalizer are the property of Claudie's Hair Revitalizer.  Claudie's Hair Revitalizer can legally use all submission as we choose toSubmitters relenquish all legal claims for pictures and testimonials.

Posting Private e-mails At Forums

It is illegal to post and make private e-mails public.  Anyone who make the choice to post private e-mails, authored by a representative of Claudie's Hair Revitalizer, will be blocked from purchasing from Claudie's Hair Revitalizer and visiting our website.